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The Competitive Nature of Hip-Hop

Hip Hop has actually constantly been a competition. Whether it's hosts, B-boys, DJs, or graffiti musicians, reps of the society have actually fought in order to be crowned the very best.

Here are some words from the King of The South on that matter

" You might be the very best musician, or the most effective artist, however the very best rap artist to life should compose his very own verses. He merely must," Tip informed Billboard.

Cardi B has actually been linked to "phantom writing" reports. She confessed Pardison Fontaine helped her on specific tracks, yet the Bronx rapstress asserted she composed her songs as well.

" To be sincere with you, what Drake stated, it was among the least dope lines that offered validation for all the remainder of the things that would certainly come," claimed the self-described King of the South, describing Drake discussing Pusha T's future wife on the "Duppy Freestyle" diss document.

T.I. proceeded, "I believe anything pursues a reference of the better half, the individual that I copulate, that I need to lead, that I need to preserve my reliable existence before - you jeopardize that, I'm mosting likely to need to reveal her that you ain't sh-t. I' ma need to win in her eyes."

On top of that, T.I.'s meeting with Billboard consisted of the Atlanta resident reviewing his Tony election, The Grand Hustle collection, his acting profession, Kanye West, as well as Drake vs Pusha.

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